Super Cute Legacy Wedges! Do you own them?

  1. These are so cute and the first time Ive seen them.

    Anyone own these? How do you like them?

  2. I LOVE the plain legacy strip wedges on the left. :drool: :drool: I don't own them, but would love to. Just gorgeous!!! :love:

  3. oh my world !!!!!!!

    i love them! where did you see them ?

    they both scream cha cha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I don't own them but i've been hunting the pair on the left for about 3 months on eBay... they also go for big $ in my size. :sad:
  5. I was looking on eBay for legacy stripe and these came up. Both from the same seller. Kinda pricey, but worth it bc they are so colorful and original!
  6. love the ones on the right, but they would get SO dirty.
  7. Not yet but I will be after seeing those pictures!:graucho: Those are beautiful, perfect for any Legacy bag!
  8. they're cute...but practicality sets in quickly! i'd ruin them. (which is why i was sorta glad the legacy flats sold out in my size before i could buy them, lol)
  9. Never seen them.
    Anyone know what retail was and how much they go for on eBay?
  10. :wtf: OMG!!! I love those!! Why have I never seen them?? I'm practically at the Coach store like 2 times a week?? Is eBay the only place you can find them??....

    I NEED the ones on the left!!! :nuts:
  11. I've been looking for them in my size on eBay forever, but can never find them. I have the ones on the right (the Catolinas) in khaki sig and they are very comfortable!! If I ever find them they will be mine!!
  12. I love those!
  13. I snagged the ones on the right from Nordstrom. I love them and they're comfortable too!!
  14. Very cute- I would get both pair
  15. I love both of them!!!! They are gorgeous!!