Super Cute accessories-

  1. I happened upon a seller on today called Sewnsational and she makes cute little wallets and things...Im buying a travel wallet to kind of condense my wallet and checkbook and the like into one thing for when I travel that's also big enough to hold my boarding passes and stuff. She offers a lot of realyl cute fabrics as well.
  2. Great choice! I've posted about sewnsational before. :smile:

    Etsy rocks and I've bought many items from the sellers there.
  3. I like it a lot! I have browsed it for a while, usually for little earrings and necklaces for gifts but I finally ventured into things like Purse Organizers (Tracy Joy I think is that seller) and this travel wallet. I am super excited to finish my order. Im probably going to get a change purse as well to match. I also found a seller on etsy that makes great "loop" keychains. Im ridiculous about holding metal objects (I have issues with my rings touching things...) so that's something Im thinking about getting as well.
  4. Lovely!! Thanks for posting.
  5. YW :smile:

    Thanks for those other sellers Passerby!!! That keychain is very similar to the one I am going to get :smile: