Super cute Abelia on ebay - yummy

  1. Another cute find:
  2. I don't like the bag, but I love the flower! Is that a pin?
  3. The bag isn't my favorite- for some reason the satin line always looks cheap to me.
  4. I like the satin line (especially the clutch), but I don't like the wood on the bag above. I think it makes it look kind of cheap.
  5. Love that bag...if I had the cash to buy it, I would.
  6. When the first time I saw the bag and the pin, I thought they were fake..I thought it's too creative to be real..
  7. love the bag .. its from an old line? ( excuse my ignorance :shame:smile:
  8. anyone want to be generous and donate 1k to my bag fund?
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