Super Chic man with Balenciaga Messenger

  1. [​IMG]

    I saw this and had to pull it over here for you guys! How chic is this? The black mens messenger bag with a scarf (alexander mcqueen maybe? I cant tell) to make it into a hobo shape. I was so confused at first to which style it was, but wow- it really looks great!
  2. found these too! amazing how great all these different stylish people wear balenciaga.


  3. I love the guy with his bag, so adorable!
  4. Thanks for sharing I like to see the diffrent styles and not just on celebretys!
  5. Oh snap that´s hot!
  6. stylish!:nuts:
  7. mocean you are great! i have a lot of fun with your pics
  8. Beautiful!!!!!!!
  9. It's nice to see more classy people wear Balenciaga's, other than tacky hollywood celebrities.. :yucky:
  10. he is so chic. it´s really looks great:yes:
  11. Love the photos! The guy and his bag...both gorgeous.
  12. He looks awesome and I love how he made it his own using the scarf
  13. To me that is the difference between "trendy" and "stylish," the ability to take a trend and make it one's own.
  14. Awesome! thanks for the pics. I love seeing people on the street with their Bbags. Love the guy especially.
  15. Neato pics! I loove the personalization too!