Super Bowl XLVIII commercials

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  1. The ads have been released:

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    With kickoff just days away, game day predictions and (let's not forget) those commercials have fans abuzz. But some brands aren't wasting any time building excitement for what's aired between plays. Check out which Super Bowl ads are already making headlines.

    Budweiser "Puppy Love": The beer brand really pulls at the heartstrings with this year's ad, which was released exclusively on "Today" on Wednesday.

    Watch the commercial

    Scarlett Johansson & SodaStream: The "Don Jon" star (another recent film she stars in?) made headlines when FOX pulled her ad for the soda water brand Tuesday, stating it was just too sexy to air.

    See her in the ad

    Cheerio's mixed-race family: The ad, which features a mixed-race family, caused unexpected negative attention when its first version aired in 2013. The cereal brand has spoken out against the backlash and in response will air an updated version of the ad – its first Super Bowl commercial – on Sunday.

    Watch the commercial

    Chevrolet Silverado's "Romance": Chevy's just-released ad carries on the brand's tradition from years past, promoting the truck as a farmer's best friend.

    Watch the commercial

    Toyota Highlander & the Muppets: The Muppets are sure to entertain fans Sunday, as they are rumored to be taking the Toyota Highlander SUV for a spin on game day.

    Watch the teaser

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  2. I just saw the preview of the Budweiser puppy love.....Omg...that makes me melt......
  3. The whole concept of SB commercials crack me up. I have even heard people say they only watch the SB for the commercials. And what is the point now anyway? Everyone ends up seeing 90% of the commercials before the SB anyway?
  4. The Cheerios commercial is really cute. The little girl sure knows how to use her eyebrow :supacool:
  5. The filmed a Radio Shack commercial in the parking lot at my work. They had a Delorean (sp?) on the set so I'm wondering if they are going to try to tie it in with time travel or Back to the Future.
  6. I knew that Budweiser was going to be hard pressed to make a commercial that would be equal to or better than last year's commercial was. I watched just the snippet of it last night and cried even harder than I did when I saw it last year the first time, but this Puppy Love BFFs is absolute perfection!!! :heart::cry:
  7. I melted into a weepy ball at the Budweiser puppy commercial as well!
  8. I liked the Cheerios and the jaguar one.
  9. Hated every single commercial, which I think is a first for me. Always love at least one commercial, usually Doritos has me cracking up, so I was really disappointed.
  10. Get that puppy back to the horsy!!!
  11. I thought the Tim Tebow T-Mobile one was funny.
  12. VERY disappointed this year.