Super Bowl who would you like to see??

  1. OK, I'm back again! With the road to the SuperBowl down to 8 remaining teams....who are you all rooting for this Saturday?? Which 2 teams would you most like to see play each other in the SuperBowl and who would you least like to see??

    For me? I would like to see Chargers v Green Bay in the superbowl. :tup:

    Least like to see New England v Seattle. :tdown:

  2. Of course I would like to see the Pats - don't really have a preference who plays on the NFC side.

    If by chance we did lose to the Jags this weekend I guess I'd want them in the SB as opposed to who's left.
  3. Hopefully the Cowboys! My friend's DH is a Cowboys Coach and DH is a diehard fan despite being a New Yorker :p
  4. WOW a coach for the Cowboys!! Pretty cool!! :p
  5. Lets go Chargers! - We can do it

  6. Cowboys vs Pats....that would be great...I am a long time Cowboys fan (like 30 years), and a pats fan for the last 16 years. Plus I LOVE Tom Brady!!!

    I never let my husband forget I said I thought Tom was going to be 'the man' during the first and second game he played...and compared him to Joe Montana long before the talking heads on TV...Dh was still whining about Bledsoe at that

    Don't get me wrong I think Bledsoe is awesome and think he should be a quarterback coach...2 of the stongest quaterbacks in the league right now; Brady and Romo learned under Bledsloe.

    As far as this weekend, I would like Seattle to win, but don't think they will :sad:
    I would route for for SD over Indy, but I think both LT and Rivers are idiots, sorry for those that are fans, but those two trash talk way too much, kwim?
  7. Me? Well, now that the Redskins are out, I don't care one way or another. However, I would be thrilled beyond belief if Dallas didn't win any more games this year.

    My hubby says that he would like to see a Giants v Chargers Super Bowl. He would least like to see a Dallas v New England Super Bowl.
  8. I also was a Brady fan from the moment he stepped up. My husb was still Bledsoe this & Bledsoe that blah -sigh- at least he admits I was right;)
  9. The COwboys vs whoever.
  10. Cowboys vs. Patriots. With a BIG Cowboys win!!!!!!
  11. Swanky, I'm hoping for a Green Bay vs. Dallas rematch next week (if we win and you win!). We played terribly the last match up. It was like they were desperate from the start.

    I'd like to see Green Bay in the Superbowl vs anyone else from the AFC.

    how can you not :heart: Bret Favre? He is so much fun to watch.
  12. Pack vs. anyone. Would be kick a$$ for Favre!!
  13. I want to see that as well!! :smile:
  14. Giants vs Colts...Eli vs Peyton!
  15. Yay for your DH!! I would love to see a NYG v SD game!! It's not gunna happen, but hey.......I can dream!!:girlsigh: