Super Bowl Sunday....

  1. Who is going to win?

    Anyone know the odds right now?

    Are you going to watch, even if it is only the Chicago Bears and the Indianpolis Colts ~ 2 Midwest teams?

    LVoe to hear your thoughts!!!!!

    ~ :supacool:

    :yahoo:Oh yea, GO BEARS!:yahoo:
  2. ONLY the Bears & the Colts?! Come on, this is going to be a superbowl for the books!! LOL These are 2 great teams without a doubt;)

    Going to be a great game! Colts are favored to win by 7~

    GO COLTS!!:nuts:
  3. i'll be working that day so i won't be watching. i'm sure my bf will be at his friend's house though.
  4. Even though I'm kind of disappointed the Pats aren't in it this year, I think I'd want the Bears to win. (But I'd be happy if the Colts won, though.)

    I don't know what I'm doing. I definitely want to order in dim sum that day.
  5. So the whole superbowl is between only the Colts and the Bears?(sorry, don't know much about football.)
    I say Go COLTS!!
  6. COLTS.....
  7. Colts, schmolts.

  8. Are you kidding, itsgood2beme? Of course I'll be watching!!!!!!! The Colts are favored, but Chicago has awesome defense and special teams, so who knows? GO BEARS!!
  9. Bears! Cause they're cuter..:upsidedown:
  10. *BUMP*


    ...GO BEARS!!!
  11. [​IMG]

    Is the pregnant BELLY crazy or what?
  12. Yes, the pregnant belly for hire story is just ridiculous!! I'm in Chicago so I really want the BEARS to win!!!!! Go Bears! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. Who cares who's playing or who wins!

    Superbowl Sunday is the best day of the year for shopping!

    Your favorite restaurant has room for your last minute reservation.

    Only women drivers on the road (far more polite on average).

    No screaming except from women finding gorgeous purses on sale for a one-day huge discount!
  14. Will watch, but not that excited this year, even tho I love football.
  15. OK, we're still whining about Seattle's loss to Chicago in the playoffs, poo!!
    So I say Colts.