~*Super bag dilemma! please help!*~


which bag?

  1. conte de fees musette

  2. azur speedy 30

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  1. I am contemplating between two bags, the damier azur speedy 30, and the conte de fees musette.
    I can get one bag now, and then i am on a ban until christmas!

    If i get the azur 30 now:
    PROS: i can go to rodeo drive, and have fun shopping, and spend the whole day there.
    CONS: the conte de fees musette on let trade could be gone, and the other ones online will be super expensive, which means i might not get it at all.

    If i get the conte de fees now:
    PROS: i know that i will definitely get the azur speedy later, because it isn't limited, an i will get a deal.
    CONS: I wont get to have a fun rodeo drive day for a really long time. and i really want to go to rodeo drive.

    aaaah! i am totally split! its up to you guys to help!
  2. Azur speedy for me! I love it and think it will go with more:yes:
  3. Well Can't you just go to Rodeo Drive anyway?
    I think you should get the conte de fees musette now since it is on let-trade now and if it does go as you said it will most likely be really expensive on eBay.
    But i guess it really depends on you if you really want or i guess need it now... They may always get another one on let-trade but the Azur speedy is really cute and summery!
    Good luck with your decision!
  4. Speedy.
  5. I would go with the Azur for sure.
  6. Speedy
  7. I don't like all these conte de fees, sorry! Thats why I wote for the Speedy!
  8. Speeeeedy!
  9. Speedy here too :yes:
  10. I like the speedy more but that's not your question. you really like both bags so i guess you should get the musette. That's the right thing to do.
    Get the musette and take it out shopping to rodeo :wlae:
  11. If you really want both, I'd go with the musette first because you can get the Speedy any other time.
  12. I agree with Karman. I would get the conte de fees musette because it is a LE and it is no longer avail. THe Azur speedy you can easily get later. I would still go to Rodeo Drive to eat lunch, etc. Make a day in celebration of your new LV anyway!
  13. conte de fees for me cos azur is not limit.

    u'll get the chance to go to rodeo drive again and again but if u missed out that lovely bag u may have to wait ages.

    plus christmas is only 6 months away. not that long
  14. CDF always go limited over permanant!

    it's been a while since these where out they will get harder to find in good condition
  15. I voted conte de fees musette because you can get the damier azur speedy in the future but the musette is so unusual and you may never be able to find one for a while again :flowers: