Super 04 Pistachio Clutch -- Another Rarity

  1. It is amazing how much higher these have gone in price in a matter of days since lvlady was first selling them. I even think lvlady has/had one listed at $999 though all the others she sold were $599 and $699.
  2. I was actually wondering if this and the turquoise were purchased from lvlady!
  3. The turquoise has already sold. These are really hot commodities right now! They are so pretty.
  4. ^^ right on Ronda-girl <<<hugs>>> :tender:
  5. I wanted the turquoise SO bad but just could not make my self spend that much on one. COGRATS to whoever won it.
  6. ^^ just so y'all know, this is my baby :tender:

    p.s. LTL's selling it for me since e-bay's poopy!!!
  7. Oh, aaa, the turquoise is TDF, major drool material...congrats on the sale.. and LTL is just as sweet as you for selling these clutches for you.
  8. ^^ awe, thanks girl, LTL is the best :tender:
  9. must post pictures with you carrying it!
  10. Congrats Bama:yahoo: