'sup with this?? Scam?


Oct 28, 2006
Okay ebay experts:

I know nothing about ebay - never even been on their site but DH is in the market for a Volvo C70 convertible and was told by a colleague that ebay has great deals. Today he gets this email:

I'm glad to hear that you are interested about my Volvo C70. This car is in perfect condition without any damaged or other problems. I apologize for ending my listing but one of the bidders told me he will send me the money today for my car but in this moment he is unable to send me the payment. He had a problem with the loan so the car is still available if you want to buy it.
At this time I am out of the country traveling to Germany as my 3 months new born will suffer a kidney transplant operation next week. I need to sell the car to raise some cash for the kidney transplant operation.
As I am not available to meet you in person I will pay for the shipping costs.
So...I hope to obtain for my car $12,600 US.
You will receive all the papers and documents (clear title, bills of sale, car's manual) to prove the ownership of the car. The clear title and the bill of sale will both be signed and they will be shipped together with the car, so you can become the owner on the spot. Also this car will arrive with all the documentations required for registration and the keys.
You have nothing to worry about this deal because it will be done in a secure way. The most important thing in all my activities, is that I have a Purchase Protection Account for $20,000 and I assume you know what this means.
If you didn't hear about deals through eBay's Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection send me now your full name, address and your eBay username and eBay Motors will contact you with all the details regarding this transaction. I am ready to ship the car immediately so please contact me ASAP.
You can see more details about the Vehicle Purchase Protection on the eBay's Motors home page.

Thank you!
P.S. I need your correct full name, shipping address, and your eBay username in order to contact eBay and start our deal in case you want to buy my car.

Does this sound like a total scam to you? I do. DH is uncertain - which is odd b/c he can usually spot a scammer from a mile away. But he does tend to get blinded by a great deal.

Opinions anyone??
Feb 6, 2007
First impression? Definitely a scam. The kidney transplant, the request for personal info and the general tone of the letter screams fraud.

Your ebay username must be known to seller otherwise he/she wouldn't have been able to contact you to begin with. Heck, he/she is incapable of differentiating between a newborn and three-month-old. My gut instinct? RUN the opposite direction.


Mar 2, 2006
Oh yeah definite scam. That's the way they do it..draw you in with an "I'm going to be out of the country so if you want it now, jump on it" claim or tug at your heartstrings with a sad story. Or in this case, both. I'd just tell him to stay away from this one.
Feb 22, 2007
Scam 100%. Every high end item I put on Craigs list I got these scam offers. They send you a check MUCH bigger than required for the item, request that you cash it 'right away' and send them the difference back per wire. In the meantime they stop payment on the original one and you've sent them YOUR money in change and you're out 1000's of dollars.


Sofa King Broke
Aug 29, 2006
Oh dear...you have nothing to worry about... :angel:just reply to this person's e-mail with the following message.............................................................................
:NICE TRY MOTHERF%^^%^&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:devil:

Run for your life..definetely a scam :smash: