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  1. has anyone ordered from this website? i'm a little weary because the prices on tom ford sunglasses are so low...:confused1:
  2. Hi Kellie.. the website gives only a telephone # and an email addy, and has a private domain registration... although their TERMS OF USE claim "governed by the state of CA", so I would surmise that they are located in CA.
    Their "return policy" says "refer to Terms & Conditions", which does not state ONE DAMN THING about returns, guarantees, or warranties.
    NO WAY would I buy from this company. There is no address or policy posted for returns.
    BUT... if you wish to further investigate, contact TOM FORD (or whichever designer) and ask them if these folks are "authorized resellers". And if they are NOT, then they are likely peddling fakes.
  3. sorry, but my understand is that it's fake.
  4. Hi there, I purchased from 2 pairs of Tom Fords so far and I have to say that everything was excellent. The shipping was really fast and the sunglasses are the real deal. Hope this helps. :tup:
  5. Oh, I see you're new to the site. Why don't you post pictures of these authentic sunglasses that you purchased so we can all see?
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    Interesting Diana because I just called two of the designer's main office listed on this website and both told me they never heard of this website!
    (They also thanked me for the info as they will be investigating this!)

    No, this website is NOT an authorized reseller!!

    Stay away :tdown::tdown:
  7. FYI Gro3602 I ALSO did some research before I placed my order, turns out that authorized resellers can only sell at full retail price so they cant compete with the manufacturers' own web store. So basically websites like suntimeonline are wholesalers who also run a webstore but with wholesale pricing. I have included pictures of the two pairs I purchased from them. Anything else?

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    I would never buy from a company that has a BS restocking fee:

    All non defective returns are subject to 12% restocking fee and a thorough inspection.

    It seems that they're also confused about their return policy. Both of these statements are on the Help page:

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return the unused item(s) with all warranty papers etc, in it's (sic) original condition within 14 days for a refund, shipping not included.

    Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason you may return it within 30 days for a refund.

    Not a business I'd want to use.
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    Which is precisely WHY designers like Tom Ford would not WHOLESALE their merchandise to sites like this.
  10. Well apparently they do, since these I got these from them and I think their great. Hey listen I'm just sharing my experience buying from this site, which as I said before was an excellent one but apparently I have hit a cord with some of you, you can agree or not with what I am saying, I though this was about sharing and that is just what I did. Go ahead and purchase them anywhere you feel like, I got mine already and its all good. :tup:
  11. Of course you are welcome to your opinion, Diana. I am curious... what was the city/state of the return address on your sunglass shipment from this co?