Sunshine, our miniature filly has passed away...

  1. Some of you may remember our miniature horse, Sunshine, a nine month old filly born on our property last May. I had her in my signature for a while and many commented on how she made them smile.

    My 20 yo ds found her yesterday in the barn, gone. It appeared that she had perhaps gotten caught in a scuffle between the bigger horses and was killed instantly. I never was concerned that something might happen to her because they are generally careful around younger, smaller horses but she must have been in the wrong place and couldn't get out of the way. It was obviously a freak accident.

    We are all very sad here and have shed quite a few tears over the loss of our sweet little baby and I find it sadder still that our 2 yo filly, Dakota, is grieving. She's a pony, a bit bigger than Sunshine and they were inseparable. Sunshine was Dakota's sidekick. Today she's wandering the field, looking in the direction that Sunshine's body is laying presently with her ears down. I know animals mourn, I've seen one of our dogs do the same when her buddy died. It's hard as a mom when your kids are so sad and also hard to see an animal that can't understand mourn.

    I have bouts of grief come over me like a wave but I know it's an unfortunate fact of life and the more animals you have the more grief you face. We have a 15 yo siamese and a 10 yo golden retriever that we know are on the last years of their lives too. But for a 9 month old mini to go, it's so sad.

    I suppose I'm rambling now. Thanks for listening. Chuggie recommended it since she found comfort here among the animal lovers. I have a pic of Sunshine in my siggie but here's another with her mother:

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so very sorry for your loss. That picture is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I will keep her, your family, and Dakota in my prayers.
  3. Oh, so sorry for your loss.
  4. OH sorry ...:heart:here hugs n kisses..:flowers:
  5. Such a precious baby.....I'm so sad for you and Dakota and all who loved Sunshine. She was absolutely beautiful.

    ((((Hugs)))) lots of them.....
  6. weep :crybaby::crybaby:

    I'm so so so so sorry....
  7. Oh, this is just tragic, I'm so sorry tl! Sunshine always has been such a little ray of sunshine on the forum. I'm really sorry for your loss.
  8. :crybaby:I tear up every time I see this, Teena. I can't believe it!

    Even though I already said this, my big hugs go out to you at your time of loss.
  9. :crybaby:I am so sorry for your loss
  10. I'm so sorry.:cry:
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss, she was such a beautiful little ray of sunshine. (((hugs)))
  12. (((HUUUUGGGGsss)))
  13. i'm sorry she's gone.. hugs to your family & Dakota
  14. So sorry for your loss, she is very beautiful:heart:
  15. I'm glad you came here to post about Sunshine. Your story is so sad and I can feel the pain in your story, especially how Dakota is also grieving. When we lost Chuggie, one of our dogs also mourned. I found that coming to this forum was extremely comforting. Also writing about Chuggie helped me get through the really rough periods. I hope that it can do the same for you. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.