Sunshine Committee: The best Birthday EVER!!!!!! Pics on page 9

  1. I have to tell you all, that I have been sitting in shock for the last hour. Today is my birthday and I really only wanted to spend time with the ones I love (going to see my family next week for a special celebration). Of course, that does not mean I don't love presents :amuse:

    So Vlad was SO excited for me to open my presents. He kept telling me that it would blow my mind. I kept looking at him wondering what he was up to. He was planning, but I knew there was something huge up his or someone else's sleeve.

    So he had me wait outside... and then told me to come in. There was a birthday cake he made, all light up with candles, and two boxes. One was from LV the other from Hermes.

    Now I have never had a big Hermes box... only smaller boxes, for Twilly's, scarves, and most recently an agenda. This box in comparison was huge.

    I opened the LV box first, got a beautiful Damier Azur Wallet from Vlad. I love it!

    Then I looked at the Hermes box and said to him, WHAT IS THIS?!?! He told me it was an organizational present... a present in the making for a long time. I still had no idea. Then I looked at him again and said "No they didn't". He said yep, Sunshine Committee. Then he said hurry open!

    So I open the huge orange box.. and see a book- I open the book. There is EVERYONE who participated, 200 + names, written inside. I see a special note from the Queen of Sunshine, Tink. I also see a sweet message from Boxermom. I get so teary eyed... seriously. I start to look at ALL of the names, tons and tons of them... pages and pages. Name after name, of people that thought of me on my birthday. I keep looking at see so many names that I know, some that I don't.

    I STILL have NO idea what is inside the box. I seriously still figured it was maybe a few scarves. I had NO idea what was in store for me. I begin to open the sleeping bag, and look over at Vlad, and look back down... and my mouth drops to the floor.

    Inside is one of my DREAM Hermes bags!!!!!!! It is a White Kelly Longue with Palladium hardware. Now I have NO idea how Twinkle.Tink figured this out, but I only remember telling one person that it was my dream bag!!! I spoke with some of the H ladies, and asked if it was available in white, which I heard YES! I decided it was the PERFECT evening bag, chic and totally sophisticated... and would one day be the PERFECT wedding bag!! (:roflmfao: This makes Vlad nervous!)

    Never in a million years did I think I would get it... and REALLY, never in a million years did I think you all would come together to do this for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From the bottom of my heart, you all have TOUCHED me so deeply in a way you do not know. I feel EXTREMELY lucky to have made this forum, and it somehow gathered such amazing people. I TRULY believe in the good of people and the world, and this is completely evident that it is still out there.

    You all did something for me that means SO much, not just because of the object (the purse) but the meaning behind it. I am shaking, and just tearing up, and SO incredibly thankful!!!!

    I will be posting TONS of pictures later... but Vlad rented us a convertible for the day and it is time to go for a nice drive!!!!!

    You all have made my birthday something so incredibly, I will never ever forget this.

    Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I can never thank you all enough, but I hope you know how sincere the thanks are!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    And a VERY special thanks to Twinkle.Tink for planning this... You are someone VERY special and very amazing!!!!!

    Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Happy Birthday, Megs. May we have a modelling shot? :heart: After your evening travelling in the convertible, of course. And we want pictures of all the fanfare etc. Yeah!
  3. You are so, so welcome Megs! Enjoy it in good health :smile:

    A little thank you from me, all the members who contributed, you all make tPF that much more special :smile:
  4. We can't thank everyone enough to have made this happen, especially twinkle.tink, the organizational mastermind!

    You all should have seen Megs' face as she was unpacking the box, she must have stared in disbelief for about 10 minutes, continuously repeating "what in the f**k", "you must be shi**ing me", and "are you fu**ing serious?!"... it was quite the amusing display!

  5. I honestly just do not know what else to say or to do!!

    I will be thanking each and every one of you, will just take me a little while :shame:

    I will post tons of pics later!!!!!!! Promise!!!!!
  6. I promise I do not always have a trucker's mouth!!!!!
  7. I am so excited for you and I just feel so many people were amazing!

    Congratulations to you Megs and I hope you enjoy it in good health, but big hugs to all of the people who love you and contributed to this amazing birthday gift!!!
  8. Get started on the handwritten thank you notes because you have a ton to do!!! LOL
  9. Aw-this thread made me a little teary-LOL!

    Happy birthday Megs-i am so glad you like it so much! Can't wait to see pictures!
  10. Congrats, Megs!
    :heart: Enjoy the KP! :heart:

    Have a wonderful birthday!!!

  11. Aww how sweet. Enjoy the great present and your special day. :woohoo::party:
  12. s'okay, megs -- a pretty lady carrying a little kelly who can swear like a sailor is sexy. :graucho:
  13. Happy birthday Megs ! :heart:and we want pics in the convertible too!!!!!:wlae:
  14. Ok then I was hella sexy this morning!!!!! :roflmfao:
  15. Woohoo, can't wait to see pics! I want modeling pics;) Happy Birthday Megs!