Sunshine committee Sept/Oct project for the holidays.

  1. Okay boys and girls,

    I know the war is a sensitive subject....but I think most people agree, no matter what your thoughts on the war itself is, that our men and women in uniform and in harms way need and deserve our support.

    My family regularly sends care packages, but with yet another holiday season coming up, I thought it was time to do a little more. One of the 'teams' I regularly send to is a medical unit in Iraq, as you can imagine they have a lot of soldiers who come through who need some serious sunshine. One of their request is to create 'holiday packages' to give all the soldiers that come their way. My goal is to create at least 100 packages for them. Each package will, hopefully contain some comforts from home and perhaps some little gift.

    I have talked my husband into having his company sponsor all the shipping to Iraq! Now to gather all the 'stuff' and assemble the packages into gallon size zip log bags and easy to hand out boxes.

    Below is a list of their requests, if anyone would like to join me in my special September/October mission, I would love it!

    **The number one request is always for snacks (needs to individually packaged):
    Chips, crackers, cereal bars, granola bars, beef jerky, cookies, trail mix, candy, popcorn, little Debbie or hostess cakes, gum, M&Ms and chocolate covered pretzels (the only chocolates that seems to make it), etc.

    **A close second is comfort food, most units have microwaves:
    Canned pasta/raviolis, easy mac, hamburger helper singles, soup, tuna.

    **powdered drink mixes, ground coffee, tea bags

    **Some common 'niceties' requests:
    Magazines, baby wipes, lotion, white socks, deodorant, feminine products, body wash, clear lip gloss and chapstick, hair bands / clips, tooth paste, mouth wash, shampoo, conditioner, powder, shaving cream/gel, quality metal razors and blades (soldiers with burns or facial shrapnel wounds find the disposable razors scrape their injured skin.) Many female soldiers ask for 'anything to help them remember they are female'.

    **Stuff to pass the down time:
    Dvds, cds, video games (PSP, xbox, etc...hard to imagine them playing games, but I guess it is common, because I see the request alot), books, magazines, footballs, cards and believe it or not board games.

    **Blank Christmas cards to send home, stationary, pens.

    ADDITION: Some new additions to the requested list: Q-tips and safety pins. Peanut butter (to go cups by Jif, work really well), coffee/tea additives: sugar packets, creamer packets, splenda/sweet-n-lo packets.

    Most important cards and letters!

    Please send any contributions to, (since some of the things can be heavy you might want to use the flat rate boxes from USPS):

    TPF sunshine/soldiers
    PO Box 53392
    San Jose, CA 95153

    Thanks everyone :smile:
  2. Count me in! I think this is a wonderful thing to do.
  3. my fav so in the making.
  4. Count me in also!!
  5. Never supported the war; always supported the soldiers!
    Count me in --and thank you, Mary, for thinking and organizing this!!!
  6. Oh Mary I love it, you are so generous! How long will this be going for? (I'll see what I can do, but don't get paid again til the 15th)
  7. Lots of time, I am going to 'building' all of September and October. Mailing to Iraq the first week of November, to get to them by late November. I warned DH the dining room is being taken over for the cause.
  8. Is there a way to support/send something to those working in the medical facilities there too? I would imagine them needing some sunshine too:sad:
  9. Of course! I just talked to my fiance and he and I are both going to help! GREAT IDEA!
  10. Yes, we could def. label boxes for them.
  11. ^Great! I will see what I can do. I just felt that they deserve it too, and jobs where you help others can be most stressful. Except the sunshine committee of course, probably the only helping job that is stress-free:yes:..except for tink maybe?:girlsigh::flowers:
  12. I am in too. didnt know of this committee till this day. Its such a wonderful idea,
  13. Woohoo! Count me in too! :yes:
    Thanks, Mary! You're amazing! :flowers:
  14. yes. count me in!!!~
  15. Count me in:tup: