Sunshine Committe info / Reveal

  1. The sunshine commitee is a group of over 120 tPF'ers who watch the boards and try and spread sunshine and RAOK (random acts of kindness). Get wells, birthdays, weddings, babies, encouragement that kind of thing. :smile:

    I usually send out 1 newsletter, via e-mail, about once a week with ideas and suggestions for sunshine. I took the summer 'off' but now that labor day is over it is time to get back in the swing again. A new season of sunshine if you will.

    If you would like to join the sunshine commitee please email me at . PLEASE remember to e-mail me at the address, so I can easily add you to the database :smile:

    Your TPF name
    Your real name
    Can I share your info with sunshine member?

    Any questions should be sent to this address too (

    :yahoo::heart:Please use this thread to post pictures and thanks for any sunshine you recieve, as well!:heart::yahoo:

    ***Please note, as with all RAOKs, tPF; Megs/Vlad or the mods are not responsible for any of the sunshine committee activities :smile:
  2. very nice! :biggrin:
  3. Sweet!
  4. Oh so sweet
  5. Tink, this really is one of the BEST things in the WORLD!! :heart: :heart: You and the sunshine committee have brought SO much to the forum!! Lots of love to you all!!!!!
  6. Can't wait to see what the Sunshine committee spreads around this season :smile:
  7. Twink, you are amazing. Thanks for everything you do!
  8. Thanks Mary - this is fab, you are such a sweetheart;)
  9. Ok, this is a weird question but does anyone go by the name "Happyfunkydreamy"? I rec'd a necklace and earrings from eBay w/ a note just saying thankyou and I have no idea who it is. No one has that name on tPF. I've made an idiot out of myself trying to figure it out, and I continue to do so obviously.
  10. It was Passerby!!!! She is just sooo sweet I will post pics Cyn! Just give me some time lovey!

  11. Here are the pictures of the necklace and earrings that Cyn sent me..They're lovely and she's really unbelievably special!

  12. ^^^how pretty!
  13. Love this idea!
  14. Sorry, double post!
  15. How sweet!!!
    The jewelry looks beautiful on you and is so feminine :heart: