sunset vs camera bag

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  1. im trying to choose between the two -- i felt like the sunset was very heavy, but with the 30% off it became a lot more affordable. just looking for an everyday bag. what are yall's thoughts?
  2. Camera bags are very casual and perfect for everyday but the design of it looks very similar to Gucci soho disco, in my opinion. The sunset bag can be casual or dressed up and is more versatile. It is definitely on the heavier side and if you buy the medium, apparently you can't fit too much in there. Just depends if you want something a more versatile or just something super casual and easy!
  3. Camera (depending on which variation you're considering)....sunset is boxy, makes poor use of its space and the tassel never stays put.
  4. Camera bag. I’d worry about the corners on the sunset.
  5. I think the camera bag fits so so so much inside without looking big or bulky. It’s very stylish and classic. The sunset is beautiful and more dressy but doesn’t actually fit as much as the camera bag.
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  6. I have a Sunset and absolutely adore it. Granted, the inside does have dividers which limits how much you can put inside it, but I throughly love this bag. It fits my keys, iPhone X, LV Clemence Wallet and a few lipsticks/glosses. I love the dividers because it keeps everything organized so I'm never digging, and it fits everything I carry on a day to day basis. I have the leather strap (not chain) which may make it lighter, I'm not sure, but I don't find it to be a heavy bag. It's such a unique and eye-catching style, the leather is gorgeous and I love the suede lining. It looks and feels so luxurious. I mostly use mine as a casual bag, especially with it having a leather strap I think it leans more casual. I don't have a Camera bag to compare it to, but I do have a Gucci Disco which is quite similar to the Camera. If I were to compare the Disco to the Sunset it would be tough because they are really very different, but equally amazing. I find my Disco to be more effortless, roomy and understated, while the Sunset has a more structure, style and "wow" factor.
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  7. Camera bag hands down
  8. I have both and I feel like each bag serves different circumstances. I use my Sunset bag when I’m going out somewhere a little nicer. I like that I can carry it long or shorten the chain and carry it shorter. It even looks great holding it as a clutch. My camera bag is great for wearing crossbody when I’m out and about kicking around or running errands. It adds a chic edge to a hoodie or T-shirt and sneakers. I love it with my kids because I can throw it behind my back and not have to worry. The tassel on the camera bag can be irritating because it goes up and down the strap, but it’s fun so I keep it.

    Hope that helps!
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