"Sunset" color IRL?

  1. Does anyone have a photo of something in the color "Sunset"?

    I found a bag in that color online that I want to buy, but I'd like to see a real life photo of it first, if possible.

    Thank you! :drool:
  2. Is it MJ or MbyMJ? I've never heard of that color, but maybe a link would help?
  3. Wow, both bags look like really different shades of sunset. It's definitely a good idea to see it IRL first before buying.
  4. That's what I was thinking. The one @ Saks that I wanted to get looks much brighter and more orange, and the other one looks more like a copper color.
  5. It's a brighter and more orange shade =) The yam (which was the shade before sunset) is more dk and copper
  6. It's sold out now anyways. :crybaby: