Sunset Boulevard - Which Color?


Which Color :)?

  1. Amarante

  2. Pearl

  3. Pomme D'Amour

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  1. hi all, i've finally decided to get the Sunset Boulevard as my one and only evening bag. i'm so excited :nuts:!

    please help me choose the color that's most versatile (ease to match clothes), least susceptible to vernis potential problems (color change, color transfer etc), and of course the prettiest lol :lol:.


    p.s. i realise pomme d'amour is not shown on LV website for sunset boulevard. does anyone know the reason for this? is it no longer available?
  2. amarante all the way!
    Thats the color that even got me to notice this style. It's so classy.
  3. sunset comes in perle or amarante
    I vote for amarante as well
  4. Amarante!
  5. lol i just realise there's indeed NO pomme d'amour for sunset boulevard. i must be dreaming :p.
  6. same here, never wanted to get a Vernis piece (too high maintenance). but when I saw pics of an Amarante rox I was like :wtf::drool: gotta check the color out in real and see the red shimmer. even my LV-disliking friends like it :roflmfao:
  7. I think it WILL be released in Pomme ... not sure when though I vote for Pomme:tup:
  8. amarante for me!
  9. Since you are looking for a versatile color...Amarante !!
  10. I voted for the Perle. IMHO, it's the most versatile, although Pomme is my fave colour out of all of them. Plus with the Perle, you don't see a lot of fingerprints as you do with the darker colours.
  11. definitely amarante!
  12. Perle for versatility. Such a classy evening bag it'll make.

  13. Hiyee Petrina,

    Opt for Amarante, but of course if it comes in pomme, would be perfect... hee :p
  14. Amarante is the most versatile colour, perle may have colour change later on the years. And Pomme D'amour version of the sunset boulevard will be released on the 15th of September, but will not really be as versatile as the amarante.
  15. hmm i like this best in amarante, no need to worry about colour transfer or anything. its a nice classy colour that goes from day to night.