Sunset Boulevard Owner, pls help....

  1. To those owners of sunset boulevard, it would be great if you can advise on the interior space of the purse, as from what I see online, the interior can't really store much. Can it fit in a mobile, and some other things such as lippie, compact powder etc, or it is just a long wallet type, except with a handle? It would be really great if there are pics of the interior as well. Many thanks in advance!
  2. I returned mine~ but it can hold cell phone, powder, some essentials. It also has CC slots built in the side.
  3. Thanks Ghost55. :smile:

    Reali?? Why did u returned it? Don't u like it? I'm contemplating to get it, but worries about it can't contain much stuff, plus the vernis material will be magnet to "finger-prints"....
  4. I fell in love with it when I saw pics on the website so I went in and tried it on but it was too small for my can def. fit cell phone, compact, lipgloss, but that's about it. it also had some cc slots (4 or 6 I don't quite remember) . I would say lil too big to use as a wallet but too small as a sure is gorgeous though :heart:
  5. Thanks bacchusgirl! I gaz so, it looks more like an evening bag to me thou, something I would use when I go for dinner or function. Looks really attractive-.. btw watz d pricing over there?? I really hope it will be available in other colours too, but dat also means harder to choose.... :rolleyes:
  6. I did not think that I would use it that much and I needed a wallet more, so I purchased the zippy in amarante. I love it! I do not mind the fingerprints at all.

    It is more for going out. I am glad I returned it and I was able to find a mono sophie (it is really versitile, long strap to use over the shoulder, chain strap = dressy) I made the right decision...finally for once LOL!:nuts:

    The price is $750.00
  7. and i've just had the worst morning, woke up really early today (mind you it's a sunday!) to watch the sunset boulevard i'm bidding on, yet someone outbid me in the last 10 secs! I was so close to winning myself another b'day present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Really! Datz great. I'm sure you won't regret ur mono sophie purchase. Its a gorgeous bag. Envy you... hee :drool: I'm also keeping my fingers crossed about the japan launch of d Damier Sophie.... praying hard... hmm... wonder how limited it is in Japan..... :confused1:
  9. Awww, so sorry to hear dat, snowypam... So u bid on eBay?
    how much was it?
  10. Here you go Angel77.......I hope these pics answer your questions:
    sunset8.jpg sunset13.jpg sunset14.jpg
  11. I used mine at a wedding last month, I was able to squeeze my Treo PDA, my mini lin cles, a lipstick and credit cards, $$ into it.
  12. ^^^ think jazzie probably answered your question but i love mine :smile: i don't carry a lot so it fits what i need. get it :biggrin:
  13. Slightly OT, but is anyone using this as a day bag?

  14. hihi~ yeh, I bidded on eBay, it was about $200 cheaper than I could get in Australia, I was bidding on US$720 including postage to Australia, I think it is US$750 on eLuxury, it's AUD$1060 here in Australia, oh well, might as well just get it from the shops~~~ I was also bidding on a pink fleurs lexingont but was outbidded again in the last minute :sad::crybaby:
  15. I really like mine... I still haven't used it yet. :p
    It's too small for me to use on a daily basis since I love BIG bags, but it's perfect to go out to lunch or dinner.
    It will definitely come out to play for an upcoming wedding.