Sunset Boulevard in Amarante - Yes or No?

  1. I need your opinions. Should I get the Sunset Boulevard in Amarante? It's so hard to get a hold of but I saw it in the store and thought it was beautiful. What do you TPFers think? ANd for those of you who have it, do you like yours?
  2. I purchased one but returned it. I loved it. The only reason I returned it was because I already have a Pomme Lexington and didn't want two small vernis bags. I would highly recommend it as it is roomy, doesn't require you to carry an actual wallet and has an inside, zipped pocket.

    Get it!
  3. i want this bag too!!
  4. YES! YES! YES!
    (O.K., I'm biased, I have one)
  5. GET IT, GET IT, GET IT!!!

    It's functional and a perfect little bag.
  6. i love mine!! i have it in pomme though.
  7. I don't own it but personally I think it looks too small, but it'd be a perfect evening bag :yes:.
  8. Yes! The Sunset is STUNNING in amarante!
  9. I like it, but only as an evening type bag.
  10. Thanks for the replies so far guys. I'm still a bit undecided because it does look very small. Will a camera, compact and phone all fit in it? (My essentials for going out.)

    I was just browsing the Vuitton site and saw the Suhali clutch called Le Preciuex which looks a bit roomier for $1,120. The shape of it is really nice but the white looks nicer than the black to me. It reminds me of the Epi Montaigne clutch.

    Anyway, Sunset is $750 and the Amarante color is so rich and beautiful. I'm afraid that if I don't get it now it may not be available later. Should I get the Sunset because of the beautiful color or the roomier Preciuex or Epi Montaigne? Sorry to be so undecisive.
  11. a camera will definately not fit in the sunset. compact and phone yes...
    i have the epi montaigne clutch in ivorie and that will fit all your essentials..
  12. YES!!! i saw it in the boutique a while ago and was like:drool: but i got a noe instead, but its def on my wishlist
  13. omggg sunset boulevard is on my wishlist!!:heart: it's so prettty! but i was thinkin of getting it in pearl? but it gets dirty easily right? anyone has it in pearl? my essentials are camera, phone and compact tooo.. they might fit from the looks of it but im not sure.. i think you should check it out at the store first ;)
  14. I have the sunset in pearl and I'd say yes if you get it you won't regret. I put six cards (as per given slot) and a few more card, compact mirror, mini lip gross, pda phone, slim pen. I'm not sure how slim is your camera. I carry the bag all the time drop my boy at school, put it in my bk neo cabby when I go to the mall, going out at night. The bag is beautiful and handy. I really like this bag so I think I will get it in Amarante as well. And yes my pearl sunset is now yellowish but I still love my bag and keep using it. :heart: