Sunset Boulevard Amarante or Gris???

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  1. Hi guys,

    Which colour would be best on sunset boulevard, between Amarante or Gris art Deco???

    Thank you all for your feedback...
  2. I like the Gris--it's such a lovely unusual color! Good luck deciding!
  3. I vote for Amarante. Not crazy about the Gris color for Vernis - not very exciting for the Vernis bags. Maybe an SLG in Gris. GL deciding and looking forward to your reveal!
  4. Gris
  5. i have it in amarante..but the gris is gorgeous as well! here's a pic of my sunset in amarante:

    i hope it helps..its a really pretty bag!!!

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  6. I LOVE this bag in Amarante, I really think it's the most gorgeous color for this style. I like the Gris as well, but like gr8dane said, it's a little understated for Vernis. Good luck with your decision!
  7. I would definitely say amarante!! it's just a beautiful color and perfect for something this size, like the gris as well but I think amarante is just a tad bit more special!!
  8. bec i feel the sunset vernis is most ideal as a night bag, i say gris... especially w/ an LBD, the color just pops!
  9. gris
  10. Gris Deco would be very special.
  11. amarante!!!!
  12. I am voting for Amarante
  13. Gris art deco. I have it in the alma mm and I love the color:smile:
  14. this bag is so gorgeous in amarante! not a big fan of the Gris but it could possibly work for you if your the type of person who likes the big and bold!
  15. Amarante gets my vote because it is such a special stunning color that takes on so many different beautiful shades.