Sunset Blvd information~ Not limited xx

  1. Ok so I spoke to the manager of the Bham store today when i went in and he said the sunset Blvd IS NOT limited. He said the stores will probably have just a few in at a time to create hype and then they will be easier to get hold of. He said it will be part of the permanent line or will be seasonal like the pomme.

    Hope this helps! xx
  2. Yay! Thanks for the info
    I really don't know about it now..
    it's really pretty but i think i will still get the lexington.
    But atleast like later in the year i will be able to like choose.
    Or maybe both?!?!? :nuts:
    Is it coming this month?
  3. thank u dear =)
  4. :nuts: :yahoo: now I think I need this and the zippy ... haha ...
  5. yay! thanks for sharing! good to hear it's not LE!!
  6. my SA said it was slated for june 15th but she said that is sometimes pushed back to july so we shall see. honestly i don't have a problem with that if it comes out a little later because i won't be able to get up to the city to pick it up until the end of june, plus i want to make sure i have some more funds to leave with a cles too :biggrin: the more i can buy the better! but i did a pre-sale to make sure it becomes MINE!!
  7. I asked the LV operator and she told me Amarante is a seasonal colour, and (inclusion bracelets) are only while stocks last...
  8. ^ yep thats right x
  9. still not out until july 1st tho...
  10. Yep, so it's pretty much as permanent as pomme. ;)

    Maybe the sunset bouleard in perle will be less limited then, and maybe permanent?
  11. I love the Sunset Blvd. I need to see the Amarante IRL to assess the finger print situation before I decide!
  12. Does anyone know what colors the Sunset Blvd is available in? I know amarante and perle...any other color (like pomme)?
  13. ditto!!!

    Thanks for the info!
  14. :confused1: Out here already.
  15. It was on elux today.