Sunset Blvd and Sophie Question

  1. Can anyone tell me if either of these two bags are LE? I ask because I really really shouldn't be buying either one right now but if there is a chance that I can't get one later I may have to do it.

  2. Sophie is a LE that is also limited to Japan, Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan. At least that is what has been mention by the other members.
  3. Sophie is def. LE, sunset may be...check the look book, usually says 'one shot' if LE
  4. Sunset blvd isnt L.E Luva Pug asked the SA's at Bham and they said it isnt L.E But the Sophie is!
  5. Do we even know if mainland US is getting Sophie?
  6. mnainland is NEVER getting the sophie! (even though it is coming out in damier now too!)

    the sunset will just be a long and slow release. but it is the whole season.
  7. sunset is not limited... i have asked my SA.... it is just the colour of the vernis leather is seasonal.. the style itself will be long term
  8. Does anyone know the price of the Sunset Blvd?
  9. 750 usd