Sunset bag - hard-wearing?

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  1. I like looking after my bags but I don't want to be scared to use it and feel like I need to mother it. I adore the Sunset medium in smooth leather, but I've had other bags with similar looking leathers (judging by pictures) and found that it was very easily scratched by my nails or if someone knocked against me. I'm looking for a shoulder/crossbody bag that will mostly be used during usual day to day activity (not often enough for errand running or going to work, but equally not something that's only saved for an event/special occassion - think days out, shopping trips etc) but looks pretty enough to be day-to-night suitable and versatile.

    The other option for me would be to go for the medium Sunset satchel in the black grained leather, as texture wise this looks like it can withstand a lot more and stay looking perfect though use. I much prefer the chain strap though as I think it gives a gorgeous overall finish, and it wouldn't be quite as fitting if I were to use it in an evening as it does look slightly more casual. I'm not really considering one of the Sunset bags with the grained leather with the half chain/half leather strap that don't have the visible front pocket, as I just think they lack a charm the other Sunset bags have! They're beautiful, but I don't love it enough to spend £1500 on it!

    Does anyone have any experience with the durability of the Sunset smooth leather bags that can provide advice? I want something where the finish will still look beautiful, even after day-to-day wear!
  2. If you end up going for the sunset in black grained leather, you can detach the leather strap and put in a chain one. This way you have the option of a causal or dressier look.

    I plan to do this with mine when it arrives!
  3. I agree with this 100%. I have a sunset with grained leather and leather strap and I love how versatile it is. The grained leather is very durable, and I appreciate that the leather strap makes it feel effortless and casual. But, to have the option to add a chain strap when you want to go more dressy is a great idea!
  4. I do prefer the overall look of the smooth leather but I'm very aware that it isn't worth purchasing it because it looks sleek, only to have it look battered after a couple of wears... Kind of defeats the point!

    The grained is gorgeous though, and will probably suit everyday wear better than smooth as for the most part I'd be wearing slightly more casual outfits. It's great to hear the grained is a durable bag, as that's really what's stopping me from taking the plunge and buying a Sunset currently.
  5. What chains are people buying for the grained satchel sunsets? I have one and would much prefer to change it out for a chain strap
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