Sunscreen/Sunblock and make up?

  1. What do you apply first? And how do you avoid messing up?

    I have a really hard time doing it if I don't use spray on foundation. =/
  2. i used an SPF moisturizer so i put that on first. if yours is separate, put on moisturizer than the sunblock. then the foundation etc etc...

    i don't have a problem with mine and i use both powder/liquid foundation ....
  3. Use an oil free sunblock. Clinique or Murad have good sunblock that doesn't go on greasy. You have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for your skin to absorb the sunblock before applying foundation or powder.
  4. I apply sunscreen first and then wait maybe 5 minutes before putting on foundation or powder.
  5. i use my laura mercier tinted moisturizer (spf 20) and BE foundation (spf 15). i dont really like putting on sunblock separately.
  6. Hey, MAC is coming out with a great sunscreen to apply under your makeup!! It is specially formulated to avoid the problems that occur when trying to wear both!! Go to their website and it may be there. I know they sent me an e-mail last week about it but I'm a MAC Pro and am not sure if it's available to the general public yet.
    It's called Prep+Prime Face Protect.
  7. Clarins UV PLUS SPF40 is fantastic. Smells lovely, gives you a nice glow, and isn't greasy. Simply apply, and pat in using palms all about. Then apply your foundation.
  8. I also use a foundation with built in sunscreen, however, if I need added protection sunscreen first , blot, let it sit, dust a little translucent powder then foundation then powder again.

  9. I use sun screen first. Within a minute its all dry so perfect to apply makeup. I searched for a non-oily feel sunblock for a LONG time and use either Neutrogena Ultra Sheer spf 45 or active breatheable spf 30. The later leaves my skin with more of a powderly 1000% non-oily feel while the other works fine also but is a tiny bit more "oily-like" though neither woudl be considered oily in my book. In my experience the higher spf the more "moisturizing" or "oily" feel.
  10. Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF followed by bare minerals foundation with spf.
  11. first moisturizer, then sunblock and then comes makeup.

    Shiseido Ultimae Sun Protection Cream SPF50 PA +++ works excellently as a makeup base too :yes:
  12. I use a foundation with spf30 sunblock in it and as i'm in lovely England i dont need anything else