Sunscreen irritates my skin--anyone else?

  1. Most sunscreens and products containing SPF really irritate my skin. It gives me a red, itchy, burning rash along with swelling. I've only found one product that doesn't cause my skin to react--Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunscreen. However, it leaves a thick, white film on my skin as titanium dioxide is the active ingredient. I don't like to put it on my face even though I know sun exposure will damage my skin.

    Does anyone else have this same problem? If you do, which sun protection products do you use? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  2. You might want to try sunscreen formulated for infants/children.
  3. Have u tried P20? It's a clear liquid rather than a cream and binds to your skin. It's waterproof and protects you all day at factor 20.

    A friend of mine really suffers from irritation and sensitive skin, and she finds that p20 works. I usually get prickly heat in the sun too and it even helped to combat that. It's the only thing I take on holiday since I first used it.
  4. ^^^^
    Even tho its high factor, it lets you tan too!
    My friend has red hair and really fair skin, and using p20 is the only way she doesnt burn and gain a little colour.
  5. Yes some do & give me rashes in the sun, horrible little spots ugh!!
    I use P20 on moles & find that very little sun gets through. When I tan there is a white ring round the mole so i wouldn't want to use it all over but it is brilliant one application & no more worries for the day. Some people do manage to tan with it though don't know why I don't
  6. have you tried the sunscreens from skin care lines like murad etc? they might be more gentle...

    I am ridiculously sensitive to all sunscreens, even neutrogena. If its not my skin, its my eyes. If its not when I put it on, its when I take it off. Either burning and a rash, or a breakout two days later. BLECH!!!

    What a mess!!! I tried Murad and I could not believe it. No blotches, stinging, nothing!!! No freakish breakout two days later...Amazing (for me)

    You can buy a small size at sephora to try it. It is amazing (for me)...Like a miracle. I cannot tell you how many sunscreens I have tried.

    For me, murad feels like a lovely moisturizer....and works great. I hope you give it a try...:jammin:
  8. i haven't tried their sunscreen but i really like murad products!!
  9. Murad makes a few... which one are you talking about?

    For people with sensitive skin, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide is the way to go. Unfortunately it leaves a slight whitish cast, so try the tinted variety.
  10. This is a helpful thread.
    My almost 2 year old breaks out...mainly her eye area...w/ sunscreen. My ped. told me to pick one w/not as high an spf and put it on more often, as the higher the spf...whatever that ingred. what causes the reaction. That helped, but, she still has probs.
  11. I read that cameron diaz had the same problem but u know what she uses?? POWDER sunscreen!! it doesnt irritate at all...i cant remember the name she uses but i think maybe bare minerals or physicians formula make one....
  12. i LOVE p20. it has a teeny tiny bit of fake tan in it too but you have to use it exactly as it says on the bottle or you burn. banana boat kids range is good for sensitive skin. i get really bad haet rashes if i use anything else.
  13. Never heard of powder sunscreen would love to know the name
  14. My skin is very sensitive but DDF Organic sun protection spf 30 has never ever irritated my skin. Can't buy it where I Live so I even order it from the US. Try it!