Sunscreen for skin around the eyes??

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  1. Girls,
    how do you protect the skin around the eyes from the sun?
    Wear sunglasses religiously?
    I have to run a lot of errands every day, and at a certain point it just gets too cumbersome to take off prescription glasses and put on sunglasses:nogood:
    And all of the eye creams with SPF that I have tried have either a very low SPF factor or REALLY irritate and sting my eyes:crybaby:
    My salvation has been Lancome's Ultra Protection (SPF 40!!) Eye Cream WIth Pure Vitamin E. It was very gentle AND tinted:yahoo:
    But it is discontinued I think ... i cannot find it anywhere!!

    What do you do/ use/ wear??
  2. i wear sun glasses but i don't have reg. glasses, i bet that could be a pain in the butt!

    have you thought about gettin those glasses that tint when you go out in the sun? just a suggestion :o)
  3. Yeah,I have one of those:yes:...
    but then there's a problem of different sort - once inside they get light again VERY slowly! I am not kidding - it may take up to 15 minutes. So you're inside with dark glasses. Like an idiot.:nuts:.
    And i'm one of those people who think it's rude to talk to others (while inside) and wear shades :P.....
    It would just really put my mind at ease knowing that I have smth on my skin while i'm darting around town
  4. I know Kiehls has sunscreen for the eye area. Have you ever tried that?
  5. I also know clarin's have sunscreen for eye areas, but I usually just put the sunscreen all over face (incl. eye area) so I wouldn't recommand you to waste $ on this one.
  6. thanks girls!
    haven't tried Kiehl's yet - i'll ask them for a tester or smth when possible.
    I LOVE Clarins' Protective Day Screen!!! Cannot live without it in the summer, but it does sting my eyes.
    But their Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care is even more irritating!
  7. MAC just came out with Prep+Prime with SPF read it right, 50!! LOL

    I use it everyday as a foundation/tinted moisturizer base and as my facial SPF. I use it all around my eyes and it does not sting, etc.

    LOVE it!
  8. You dont really need to buy special sunscreen for the eye area, you can just use regular sunscreen for the face, but a high SPF number will help because the area has thinner skin.
  9. Dermalogica has a good eyecream with SPF. It is only 15 though.
  10. oh i'm sorry to hear that, i use the clarin's protective day screen as well, it doesn't irritate my eyes, but i usually mix it with face lotion before applying.
  11. I use Aveeno spf 30 made for the face. It is not irritating at all and my derm suggested it. I go right up around my eye and onto the lid.
  12. Neutrogena makes one for specifically around the eye area. I use it every day!
  13. la prairie has a spf 15 eye cream that i need to buy soon. i've been using their regular cellualr contour eye cream and love it.
  14. shiseido makes sunscreen for the face with 50/55 SPF..lmao
    I use it sometimes, it is water resistant and whatnot and provides good protection IMO.
  15. aside from wearing sunnies i use clinique eye cream with an spf in it.