Sunscreen first or..?

  1. Hi girls!
    So right now, I decided that I'm going to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 for the eye area, in addition to my regular SPF 40 and moisturizer.

    I know that I would apply the moisturizer first, but then would I apply the all-over sunscreen SPF 40? Or should I apply the sunscreen just for my eyes first? Ahh so clueless :Push: !
    Thank you girls so much!
  2. Why do you need a separate sunscreen for your eyes? Is that necessary?
  3. I honestly don't know, Raspberry, but I think the eye stuff has eye cream in it, along with sunscreen.

    Is it necessary?
  4. use the moisturizer, making sure that you avoid the eye area. then apply the eye cream. and then the sunscreen. make up can follow then after.
  5. ...and don't forget let them dry well before applying sunscream!
  6. I think the SPF 40 should go on last, reason being it's the higher SPF. If you apply the SPF 40 first, the action of rubbing other products on top might make it less effective.
  7. Why don't you buy a mosturizer with sunscreen in it? They used to not really be that great, but they've really improved lately! Give it a shot!