Sunscreen: Face, check. Body, check. Hands and Lips...?

  1. I've been pretty adamant about wearing sunscreen since I was very young. I have found sunscreens for my face and body, but I'm having trouble with my hands and lips. I have an Aveeno lip balm with SPF 15, but I use my Minted Rosebud all the time and sometimes forget to put it on :shame:. For my hands, I haven't been able to find a sunscreen that does not make my hands greasy and have resorted to just using the same thing I use on my body.

    Any recommendations for a great hand cream and/or lip treatment with SPF? Thanks!
  2. Out of curiousity, what do you use on your face and body?
  3. Everyday, Purpose Moisturizer with SPF 30 on my face and La Roche Posay Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics SPF 50+ Lait on my body. When I know I'm going to be out in the sun for a long time, I use L'Oreal Ombrelle Face Cream SPF 60 instead of the Purpose. The La Roche Posay is really greasy though, so I hate having it on my hands.
  4. Shiseido has a FANTASTIC line of sunscreens for face, body, and lips! If you can get to a counter it's the line with the dark turquoise bottles and orange caps. I use the SPF 55 (comes in face and face and body formulas). I live in a very sunny place and this stuff stays on even with the hottest weather! I would also buy the cleansing oil with the sunscreens so that it is easier to remove it at night.
  5. For the hands - trust me!!

    from the "lippmann collection" "Rich Girl" spf 25 - cosmeceutical anti-aging hand and cuticle cream with fade botanicals. The best ever and it smells divine! available at Nordstrom's - - 1-888-929-9950 - made in U.S.A!