sunroof or purse?

  1. I'm almost 16 and I got a 2006 Pontiac G6 on Friday:yahoo: from my parents and my grandma said she would get an after market sunroof installed for me as my birthday present. I'm not sure if I would want to get that though because I would also like to get a Coach purse because I don't have one yet. So I was wondering if anyone on here has gotten an after market sunroof and if you had any problems, such as leaking?
  2. I'd get the purse!!!
  3. I'd get the purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. purse of course!
  5. purse, not a big fans of sun roof.
  6. I wish that my car had a sunroof because I used it all the time on all of my old cars...but I think I'd go for the purse ;)
  7. Go for the purse. I had a sunroof on my last car, and I hardly ever used it.
  8. id get the sunroof.......i use mine everyday.
    not to say i dont carry a coach everyday too.....but i think theres a drastic price different.
  9. Wouldn't a sunroof be considerably more expensive? I'm thinking around 1500-2000 for a quality sunroof, compared to 500 for a Coach?
    Anyhow...I use my sunroof almost daily. I won't own a car without one.
  10. um, purse. def.
  11. Sunroof. It is more costly and it is easier to save for a Coach purse which is only $500 or so. Living in Florida I love sunroofs, topless cars, etc. There's nothing like a driving on a beautiful day with the sun beating down on you!

    Besides, sunroofs are young and fun...for your first car you should def. have one. :yes:
  12. I always had sunroofs on my cars but never ever use them. I don't think my kids use their sunroofs either. Maybe you can negotiate with your grandma to get you a gift card from a department store in the amount that would be little less than what the sunroofs cost. $1000 seems like a good rounded amount that would benefit both of you. This way you can get not one but maybe 2 or 3 Coach bags. Just my humble opinion.:sneaky: :idea:
  13. I would definitely go for the purse!:p
  14. Go for the purse - you'll have it forever whereas the car you'll trade in in a few years. :smile:
  15. sunroof

    lasts longer

    however, if it's a used car you'd only have for a year or so, versus a brand new one

    i'd get the purse