Sunny's Collection

  1. Here is my collection. It's very small!

    Coach signature hobo
    Coach hobo.jpg

    Kate Spade
    Kate Spade.jpg

    Pucci front
    Pucci back.jpg

    Pucci back
    Pucci front.jpg
  2. And here is the rest.


    Prada ball.JPG

  3. I love that PUCCI!!!!!! Nice collection! Thank you for sharing!
  4. Hey we're Burberry sandal twins ! I have the same pair in white. Love the Pucci ! :yes:
  5. Great collection!!! I esp. like the Pucci!!! It's ADORABLE!!!:love:
  6. Cute collection! I really like the Pucci too :biggrin:
  7. Great collection.
  8. The pucci is cute!
  9. i love your pucci ones. :smile:
  10. yeah.. loving the pucci goody... nice collection you have so far..
  11. love ur pucci
    thanx for sharing
  12. Thanks everyone. ayla, I love those Burberry sandals. I got them from Burberry outlet and I've been wearing them all summer long!
  13. :nuts: I love the Pucci too:love: Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  14. soo cute...
  15. Love love your Pucci! One of my fav designers! I have 3 Pucci bags.