sunny owners.....

  1. do you always carry your sunny case with you?! :confused1:

    since i got LV obsession, i just can't leave it anywhere but in my purse.....i just can't!

    i used to leave my Chanel sunglasses in my car and i didn't really care if it started to crack with heat (i live in Fla!) .... but i've been baby-ing this Louie sunnies too much! but this darn case is HUGE and takes 1/3 of my precious space in my bag....!!!:supacool: :roflmfao:

    i was 'wearing' them on my head (or in my know what i mean) today at the mall and i almost dropped the poor sunnies....but since i left the damn case in the car.....i must have checked to see if they were still on my head at least 5 times!

    what do you guys do with the huge *case*?!!:shrugs: :heart:
  2. My mom always does. She's so much more careful with these than the Chanels lol.
  3. Yup, I carry the case with me... even when I go to the grocery store or something. I would wear the sunnies on my head, but it would look weird since I already wear prescribed eyeglasses... KWIM?
  4. i always bring the case with me. althought the white case of my Millionaire isn't so white anymore :sad: but id rather that than a scratched or *GASP* smashed pair of LV sunnies..... you just have to carry a bigger bag ;)
  5. I know it's kind of bulky, but I always carry it with me no matter where I go in case there's greasy cafe tables or going to the ladies..mishaps can happen you know! I always have some strange inkling something's going to happen , and it usually does! Like sunnies dropping into the toilet bowls or something...(sorry, sounds gross, but really,anything is possible!)
  6. Yes... ALWAYS... I definitely learned the hard way because I smashed a pair of Gucci's when they fell off my head...
  7. im afraid to buy LV sunglasses since i always lose them:shame: that's why i only buy cheap brands like rayban or dior Duck I want you'r millionaire glases but in white i don't know how i missed them:crybaby:
    :idea: eBay:nuts:
  8. I keep the case in my bag. I definitely take care more of these than my Chanels
  9. mom usually has her reading glasses on her head and wears her sunglasses. :roflmfao:
  10. See, I tried doing that buy I got many mean stares... :crybaby: Either that or it was because I had blue hilightes in my hair at the time. :shrugs:
  11. I would carry the case for emergency. My Cartiers were smushed by my car door because they were on my head!:push:If I'm planning on getting the LV sunnies I will definitely put them in the case they came with.
  12. if i pay that much for glasses, they will stay in the case when not in use!
    if its raining out, leave them at home! i wouldn't still tote them along!
  13. I do carry mine in their case. During the work week I carry my LV handbag to work (this week I am carrying my Damier Speedy 25) and my mono Sac Plat...I generally put the case in the Sac Plat--never in my handbag. On weekends many times the sunnies hang out on top of my head or I leave them in the car. On a rare occassion I tuck the big case in my handbag.
  14. I always have my case with me but if im walking around at the mall (huge skylights everywhere so its super bright) so I wear them, when I need to take them off, I fold them and hang them on the front part of my shirt... ya know... but the cases are rather large lol

    My Huntingtons care case thing said to not leave them in the cold or heat, well I forgot they were in my car one night and I was at the bar and I thought about them the WHOLE time lol
  15. Thanks I have to go rescue mine from the car...excuse me...:cursing: