1. so, i've been trying to get some chanel sunnies for awhile now, but all the styles i like (big ones!) hit my cheeks (where after i wear them for a bit i have an impression on my cheeks). any help? maybe i should just give up?
  2. This sometimes happens to me, you just need to choose smaller frames. Keep trying on pairs till you find ones that fit your face right.
  3. Its ok if the hit your cheeks, but I heard that if you smile, and the sunglasses lift up torwards your forhead than they are too big for your face.

    (My mom use to model, so told me that) :p
  4. I have the same problem! I think when sunglasses hit your cheeks they would probably start sagging your skin after extensive wear. So I definitely wouldn't recommend that.

    Gingin don't give up! I had the same problem but only with the shades that didn't have the nose peice. I've recently found a pair that fit pretty well. And on top of that I also found a couple of other Chanel shades that fit well on small faces. Such as the camelia ones. You just need to go out and keep trying them on. I'm sure you will find one soon! GL~
  5. Gin, not sure where you live, but I found Neiman's to have a great collection - even more so than the boutiques, try them if you can.