Sunnies @ outlets - question about them

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  1. I have Coach need for new ones. Yet!
    I've seen the $79.99 sunnies at my outlet, but didn't look closely.
    Since I won't be going back to the outlet for awhile, I have to ask...

    Are these made for factory glasses or are they boutique past seasons?

    I'm hoping they're from full price...that way I can shop at the boutique and hunt them down one day.
  2. I think they are from the boutique. I know my boutique no longer has my style and an SA told me they were sent out of the store to the outlet.
  3. I have to tell you... I just got some sunnies at Nordstrom Rack, and they were only $65!! Same styles, and cheaper than the outlets. I usually can't wear glasses because they don't fit my face and also squash my lashes, but these were perfect (Ellas). I almost bought some at the outlet, but they were still $80. Glad I waited!!
  4. I got my some at Nordstrom Rack also and you really can't beat the price. I also got a pair of Gucci sunnies from there too for the same price.
  5. Whoa. I'm gonna have to make my way to Nordstrom! Thanks ladies for the tip :tup: I never thought to look!
  6. A Nordstrom Rack just opened (at Xmas) about 40 min from me.
    Great, thanks.
  7. have to check it out - i like to keep an extra pair of sunnies in DH's car
  8. I've seen sunnies at TJM, NR but they dont' allways have the cases. I guess you could live without the case if you are only paying $65-ish for a pair of $178 sunnies. I purchased my Peony's at the outlet, which are no longer available at the boutique/online for $99 + 20% off.
  9. ^^ They have the cases at Nordstrom Rack. Mine came with bezels too.
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    I got Sadies (in black/purple) WITH THE CASE for $72 this past weekend at the outlet (originally 80, but I used the 10% coupon thing). I don't know if those are from the boutique or not (since I've been in a boutique a total of 2 times in my entire life), but they're great. Can't really put them atop my head like my cheap Nine West ones (they don't fit--don't stay on), but I bought them to wear as sunnies, not a headband. :smile: