Sunlight Exposure?

  1. I recently bought a Montsouris Backpack and been leaving it in direct sunlight for the past few days. I dont wanna wear it in public until it gets its patina. My question: Will DIRECT (AND VERY HOT) SUNLIGHT damage the bag in any way? Maybe ruin the leather? Make it more dull and lose its shine? Because its really hot where I live and the sunlight comes directly into my room and I leave my bag there on the spot and rotate it every half hour. At the end of the day, the bag is really hot but it cools down after a while. And the patina is starting to turn darker.

    PLEASE HELP because I dont wanna risk damaging the bag just to speed up the patina process.

    BTW, I've been doing it for 2 weeks now.
  2. ughhh.... well 2 weeks later seems kinda too late... the mono and damier bags don't come with a booklet, but those that do always mention NOT to put your LV under direct sunlight, heat, exposure to radiation...etc. If you want to tan your bag, put the bag indoors behind the window, but make sure you have air conditionning on in order to prevent excessive heat. When you said that your bag became "really hot" after a complete day of tanning for a continuous 14 day period, that sounds really scary imo... The heat would cause the glue to 'run', change colour, odour...etc. and also think about the leather... would you tan yourself continuously for about 84 hours (~6hrs/day X 14 days) without protection (eg. tanning lotion, sunscreen)?!?!?! UVB rays are pretty deadly on human skin...
  3. just don't hurry the patina process after a month i'm sure vachetta will have some.
  4. The reason I did it was because some members on here gave tips on how to speed up the patina process, and one of the hints was to leave the bag under sunlight and rotate it.
  5. Well, I do the same with my vachetta belt, but not for an entire day... I think you overdid it.
  6. Any pics?