Sunless tanning lotions???

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has tried to the new Jergen's lotion. I think it's called touch of sun or something like that. I want to have somewhat of a tan for winter but I don't really want to go to the tanning beds...I'm not too sure about the Mystic Tan either...I don't want to look like an orange zebra:yucky: Any tips would be wonderful.

  2. The Jergens lotion works well but takes days to really be able to see anything. I have had great experiences with Mystic tan. You just have to make sure you use the lotion on your palms bottoms of feet and in-between fingers and toes and pat yourself down well afterward (especially on the knees) and I think some people make the mistake of going a few times in a row. When I was doing it I only went once a week!!
  3. St. Tropez works well, Model Co. is fab and is recommended by victoria beckham, Clarins is great and natural too. Always scrub before self tanning. ALWAYS!
  4. Once again, I will make you all mad by expressing my dislike for these products. The active ingredient in all of them is one of two chemicals. Some mix them together.

    To those of us who do not use them, everyone who does, whether they use a cheap one, an expensive one, or whether they go to the salon to have it squirted or airbrushed on, the question is to what extent the person resembles which citrus fruit.

    I get the sense that to each other, they recognize more subtleties maybe and have great admiration for the ones that make the people look just a little bit orange. Or kumqwat, in the case of those who use the higher-end products.

    I think the pale skins are very beautiful, and people who have this skin will look much more fabulous if they celebrate it, wear all those colors that can make brunettes look like we have the flu.

    If you look at how pretty it is, the subtle balances and soft color friendships between the paintbox-colored eyes and hair the peaches and cream, rose dipped in milk,*** people with skin like moonlight, so delicate it looks translucent, the ones like ancient alabaster statues that poets wrote about - Why? Why? would anyone who has received this gift in their natural beauty basket wish to stain it with chemicals that will cause it to resemble something stacked in a pyramid on Aisle 3?

    Just put on those muted pastels that only you can wear, stay out of the sun, drape yourself floatily on something like the Lady of Shallot. Drift around like gossamer sylphs.

    I must end this rant now, or I will start in on all the people all over the world, who also have skins of thousands of breathtakingly lovely colors who devote part of every day to applying some goo or other in the vain hope of turning their skin the color of Nicole Kidman.

    Mother Nature is not exactly a second-rate artist, and she knew exactly what she was doing when she painted you. OK so she may have left off some stuff like eyeliner and lip gloss, so spend your time on tweaking that!

    **unless they have that really knock down gorgeous skin that is such a dark brown it looks blue or aubergine. OK those fortunate folks can wear almost anything. It is the long legs of skin.

    ***As always, props to Miss Kate Douglas Wiggin for this dead on poem of a description.
  5. I have used Jergens self tanning lotions and they don't seem to work for me. Once on your skin, it starts to smell bad and made my skin so oily and disgusting. I have also used Neutrogena which turns me orange and is very streaky. I am going to try FAKE BAKE sometime.
  6. Fake Back OK I think It does block up mu pores thou, But it does give me a good glow. I want to try the tin its gold in the fake bake has any tried it ??
  7. I swear EVERY time I read one of your posts I crack up! LOL You have a great writing style and are sooo funny!:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  8. Thank you so much! I will not be fit to live with the rest of the night now :smile:
  9. I've tried the jergens and it works fine...I'm REALLY it does a good job of not looking like TOO much.

    That said, ALL self tanners I've tried make your skin smell until your next shower. That's why I always shower and apply at I can sleep through the stinkyness and shower again in the morning. This is my least favorite part of them.

    As far as mystic tan - I along with my very pale best friend, have done it. You do not come out orange at ALL...very subtle tan color. Mystic tan is just hella expensive unless you are only doing it for a special occasion.
  10. I have to use fake tanner for dance competitions (stupid, I know). I like L'Oreal Sublime Bronze. It has AHAs in it so it makes your skin soft, and it also has shimmer. On me, it never looks orange. And I'm serious about that. But I don't use 9000090909 coats of it. It does makes your skin smell a bit until the next shower.
    I agree with ShimmaPuff..... i love my pale skin!
  11. My skin is so pale it has, more than once, compared to, well, goat cheese. I don't want to look "tan" since I would be fooling no one, so I use Clarins Radiance which is essentially 25% self tan and 75% body cream. This way I maintain a color that prevents people from taking my vitals upon the assumption I have died.