Sunless tan lotions on feet. Advice, please!

  1. My skin is very very dry.

    I have lots of problems with using suntan lotions on my feet. Always looks blotchy.

    What I am doing now:
    Exfoliating entire leg-knee-foot areas
    Slathering with Cetaphyl lotion (not mineral oil based)
    Waiting 5 minutes
    Adding tanning lotion cut by half with Cetaphyl lotion.
    Waiting 30 minutes.

  2. if you're doing the above steps correctly then there should be no problem. However the reason why you see blotches may be because you don't follow up with the upkeeping of a fake tan AFTER those steps.

    Exfoliate EVERDAY if you have very dry skin
    Reapply the tan again

    If you don't exfoliate again, then usually on the 3rd day I see blotches everywhere. Also I have a question, why are you diluting your tan? If you're tan is too dark, then you have the wrong shade for your skintone. I would buy another self-tanner for fairskined people
  3. do you exfoliate in the shower or on dry skin then go in the shower? i find exfoliating dry skin helps.