1. Do you have any sunglasses from chanel
    say it ;)

    I habe alot of Chanel sunglasses I love them they are so nice ;) :yes:
  2. yes, a lot of us own one or pair of Chanel sunnies:yes:
  3. yep yep!
  4. Just like handbags, you can never have enough of sunnies!! :p
  5. YES !! 6 sunglasses and 6 regular eyeglass frames too
  6. I have 4 pairs of their sunglasses. My very first pair of Chanel sunglasses had BLUE rimless oval lenses, EEEEK! They should be Vintage by now, he he.
  7. Two pairs of sunglasses...and am now considering regular glasses frames, thanks to a member here!
  8. I've got two Chanel sunnies...planning on getting my third next month.
  9. I have one pair and I have to say they are the most uncomfortable sunglasses I've ever owned. Very disappointing.
  10. Yeah, DH got me a loverly pair of Chanel sunnies! I Love 'em!
  11. I've had a few, but sold them to get LV ones.
  12. i mom has 3 pairs..............she :heart:s glasses
  13. I can't get enough of Chanel sunnies... I have 9 pairs haha. :smile:

  14. I have 4 pairs and I love each of them! Chanel's are the only sunglasses that I usually wear.


    Chanel Black 1.JPG Chanel Brown 1.JPG Chanel Round 2.JPG Chanel Tan 2.JPG
  15. I have 2. Can't wait to get more from S/S '07!