1. I really want a the 4128's and 5076h's..Anyone have authentic pics of them? I guess I should begin my search on eBay huh?
  2. I have the 2nd pair and can post pics. They're still VERY available in stores, any reaso you think you need to look on eBay?
    DSCF1863.jpg DSCF1860.JPG DSCF1859.jpg
  3. Swanky I LOVE that style but they are too big on my face. I tried them on and the SA all but laughed at me. And yes that style is everywhere - Nordstrom even carries it.
  4. Sweet, thanks for posting ;) I don't have a chanel near me, and i'm not sure the Nordies in Memphis or Nashville has them :Push: Are they polorized?
  5. :shame: NO idea what Polarized is. . . I'm guessing they are not. Doesn't that usually look blue or greenish?
    You can call any store and get them shipped to you. I can give you my SA's name and # if you want.
  6. Ooh sweet! Yeah Polorized is if ya see little rainbows when you look into the sun :smile: I heard of this model being mother of pearl too - i'm guessing it's not?
  7. I don't think any of the chanel sunnies are polarized, but I may be wrong.
  8. anyone know if they are?
  9. They are definitely mother of pearl but not polarized. I have them in brown. They have held up really well over the past year too!
  10. Are you sure they're not polarized? I thought all expensive sunglasses were polarized these days. Only junky sunnies are not. Or am I confusing that with 100% UV Protection?
  11. Swanky, What model # are your DR sunnies? I LOVE them!!!
  12. hmm not would be nice if they were - any idea if chanel makes sunglasses that are? I think i'm going to get them in black

    Swanky - can I have your SA's number? :smile:
  13. Does anyone know what model # the sunnies in the middle picture of Swanky's post is?:flowers:
  14. ^those are all the same pair, just 3 different angles, they're the style 5076's.

    BRB w/ more info, the twins are getting into stuff! LOL!
  15. Wait!!!
    Actually, my Mother of Pearl sunnies are 5084 H - SORRY! They looked the same to me!
    My Denise Richards sunnies are 5080 B, I'll attach a photo of them in 2 different colors.
    DSCF1500.jpg DSCF2514.jpg
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