1. I am in the market for a new pair of sunglasses.
    Can anyone give me suggestions and please post photos.
  2. There are so many fabulous sunglasses out there!! Have a look at the NM, BG, and Saks sites for inspiration and then head down to the shops to try them on, thats the only way to tell what's going to fit and suit you the best.
  3. ^I agree.

    I like Chanel 4114 in white:


    pic: ebay.

    edit: I'd get darker lenses than what's shown in the picture. The rim is white.
  4. I know this is purley "trendy" but I actually love aviator glasses...not flatering on most people (like me) but I really think they are cute
  5. Well, it depends on what are you looking for.
    I've got my Oliver Peoples BB recently and I'm very happy with them, but I don't like any logos/strasses/etc on my things, so, maybe it will not work for everybody.
    Mine are brown:
  6. Here is my new pair. (I'm kind of a sporty gal, and needed glasses with interchangable lenses for different light conditions) They are made by Smith Optics. These come with 4 different lenses: gray polarized, orange, yellow and clear.
  7. I love my good old Ray-Bans. They aren't "old", they are a current style, but not the trendy monster goggle-sized frames. I have a new pair of Guccis that are the larger frames and really cool, but honestly I'd rather wear my Ray-Bans. None of the designer sunglasses have polarized lenses that I'm aware of, I know my Guccis don't. I fail to see the point in spending $200 or more on a pair of glasses if they don't have polarized lenses. The glare bothers my eyes worse than sunlight itself. Ray-Ban specializes in sunglasses and have been around forever. I value my eyesight and prefer to go with them over the designer sunglasses that are more for show than real vision protection. The Avana style in tortoise shell/amber lenses is really nice. I may pick up a pair of those in the Spring.

    Lenscrafters has a pretty good selection in their stores.
  8. Tom Ford and Linda Farrow vintage!!
  9. What kinds are you looking for? Like rimless, oversized ones, or just the regular plastic frames? if you are looking for cheap but cute designer ones, i suggest D&G (by dolce and gabanna)
  10. I love my 06 Chanel black sunglasses. I want to get the white ones with three black camilias on the temple for when I have my hair up.
  11. i just got these (kate spade) today for the fall/winter (my other ones are white). i'm very petite and have a really hard time finding sunglasses...i finally found a pair of aviators that fit a small face =)

  12. I saw some Dolce and Gabanna I liked I have ordered
    So we will see --- I like the over size Plastic Frames.

    Thanks All!:yes:
  13. oh my word. these are my absolute favourite as well:love:
  14. I have a pair of Fendi and Chanel (summer '06) and love them! If you go to an online prescription glasses website, you can find current designer sunglasses for a lot off and with free shipping (most of the time). Try or great sites.
  15. I'm looking for sunglasses too. I'd like something that says "badass," with a girly detail...if that makes any sense. Dior is pretty good at pulling that off. I'm thinking of the Spidior 2, but I'm not sure how well they'd fit me. Thoughts?