1. Sorry, wasn't sure which forum to put this in!

    I'm looking at both Dior and Gucci sunglasses. I know they both have UV protection in the lenses, but do either/both brands have polarized (anti-glare/anti-reflectant) lenses? I absolutely need the polarized lenses, I don't really care which designer's name is on them. TIA! :tender:
  2. Maui Jim aren't really too 'designer' looking, but for driving around and for outdoor activity they work wonders. Their polarization is GREAT! I save my Chanel and Dior sunglasses for when I won't be driving or won't be outdoors for a long period of time.
  3. I wear my Smiths (they have some really cute, practical designs) or Oakleys when I will be doing things out in the bright sun (like long bike rides, skiing, etc) and need the polarized lenses, and my Gucci's when I'm just toodling around town.