1. Is it just me or the lenses not very dark?

    I have been looking on eBay and for the most part the lenses seem light. like the would cut the glare on blah day and thats about it. I wasnt sure if its just the way some of these people are taking their pictures so I thought I'd ask before jumping in.



  2. the only ones I have tried on with actually dark lenses are the sophia's, the jenny's, and the molly's. I get migraines easily due to sunlight so I need dark lenses. Burberry has the darkest lenses of any brand though.
  3. that is my issue when i have my contacts in my eyes are very sensitive and the sun will give me a headache.

    I just didnt want to go off buying a pr and then being mad when they arrived. thank you.

    Well I have a pr of juicy and love them, they're dark too.
  4. I just did a search and you're right the sophia/jenny/molly are much darker,
    I think i'm more fond of the molly style though, but thanks again for the suggestion.
  5. yet these molly's look light ...


  6. these are Coach DAISY
    Anyone try them ?

  7. I have the same issue with sun light and getting headaches. I have the sofias in black and I never get headaches! I love them
  8. ^^ thank you.
    these do same as tho they are much darker then some.
    are these discontinued?

  9. I think so but I have seen alot on eBay going for about $90.00 Jax might have some still.
  10. The Daisy's lenses are really light too Bag Fetish. I also love the Mollys but they are too light for me too.
  11. ^^ no way :sad:
  12. I have the addison sunglasses in black and to me they seem dark. And they really do the trick for me! My eyes are sensitive as well and I wear contacts. Hope this helps, let me know if you want me to post a pic of them.
  13. thanks I dont mind those. I guess my best bet is going to be go into a store and try some on and take it from there.

    Off to search again.
  14. The Sofias are perfect and SO dark -- I just got them in.

    This is sort of OT but does anyone with the Sofia's notice that they make this cracking noise when you put them on?

    Mine creak like crazy!
  15. ^^ creaking noise?