1. Where can I buy authentic discounted designer sunglasses online?
    Also does sell authentic sunglasses?
  2. I'm not sure of their authenticity, but I would never buy from this site because they charge a restocking fee for returns, which in my opinion is BS:

    A: Exchanges do not incur any restocking fees if completed within our 14-Day return policy. Returns for refund will incur a modest 15% restocking fee to cover processing costs and furthermore to encourage customers to purchase products they intend to keep.

    aaaanndd ... they do not have a phone number to call if something goes wrong with your order:

    A: In an effort to reduce overhead and keep our prices low, we've elected to handle all customer inquiries via email rather than employ a call center staff. With our email inquiry system, you'll typically get a response within minutes during normal business hours. However, if you need assistance via an alternative method, please submit a request through our contact us page and we'll attempt to contact you as soon as possible.
  3. Thanks for your opinion, do you know of any other sites that sell authentic discounted designer sunglasses?
  4. Hmm ... Bluefly and SmartBargains I'm thinking of off the top of my head. Hopefully others will chime in!
  5. Really, SmartBargains I'v heard that they sell fakes-or something like that.?
  6. I personally don't believe they sell fakes. They are affiliated with the discount chain Loehmann's. I have, however, purchased a fake from so I would not recommend them.
  7. I've bought from and from the Loehman's store. At the store, I got an awesome pair of Versace glasses for $49.99.
    Also, be wary of Amazon for fakes too. It's been mentioned in other threads that some tpfers have gotten fake bags.
  8. OK, well thank all of you for your help and suggestions, they are really helpfull.:flowers::yes:
  9. Are you sure that they sell authentic sunglasses?
    Also, since you mentioned it, is their something wrong with buying from Italy?
  10. ^Try as I might, I cannot find anything wrong with this website, other than the fact that they only show stock photos. They have a great return policy, quick shipping, no restocking fees, plus they list a physical address, email and phone number. And it looks like they have traditional brick and mortar stores, which is always a good sign.

    I would venture to say they do sell authentic merchandise. The only thing I cannot say is whether their prices are better than what you would pay retail in the USA, because the most I've ever spent on sunglasses is $100 on Guccis that I bought on
  11. THANKYOU Lori.
  12. I really think that they sell authentic sunglasses. As far as their location is concerned, I was just saying that maybe you would be more comfortable ordering from a shop in the USA because of the delivery charges, taxes, customs, etc.
  13. ^^Thats fine I'm sure it wont be that much tax. Thanks