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  1. Who are yoru favorites? Chanel? DKNY? Michael Kors? Hilfiger? YSL? Someone else? Tell me who your favorite is.

    Oh-and can someone tell me a good place online to buy sunglasses at good prices? Designer names please :biggrin:
  2. My favorite practical sunglasses, I call them that because they are not entirely fashionable, our Maui Jims. I have has a pair for the past seven years and I wear them whenever I drive. My husband just go a pair in December, after I talked him into it, and he loves them as well.
  3. I just got a fab pair of D&G sunglasses!! Chanel is always great too!! :biggrin:
  4. I used to love dkny glasses, but after trying Chanel, I dont think I will ever change...they look and feel great :biggrin:
  5. Hands down my absolute favorite is Chanel. I feel hot when I wear them and they are fly!

  6. I love Chanel! Don't own any Chanel but I have a pair of Diors that I love! They are on bluefly for $150 I got them at Nordys outlet for $50.00.
  7. CHANEL, Dior and GUCCI.:love:

    They have anything and everything at great prices...My favorites right now are Prada...but I also have a few Kate Spades that Im in love with...anyway...that website ROCKS! Check it out! (if they have what you are looking for..the prices are unbeatable.)
  9. Chanel, I had some D&G's that lasted years, but the Chanels I just got are much nicer I love them:biggrin:
  10. Dior & Chanel :smile:
  11. I like Dior most of all... also like Chanel and Marc Jacobs!
  12. Gucci and Chanel
  13. Channel
    They fit and look great!

    Best tip is to try them at a store and purchase them on eBay. You can get them for about 20-30% less. =)

    I highly recommand on eBay;

    They're from Spain and have wonderful sunglasses, shoes and bags. =)
  15. I see to many fake Chanels and Diors. I am loving my Tom Fords. So classy!
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