1. Are now on the French Version of the website under Lunettes de soleil Both men and women's! uhh I want the Obsession Carre in "Clear Honey" as they call it but it looks gold to me! The black version of these are the one's Snoop Dog had on in Mariah's new video! They don't show the Huntington Sunglasses yet for the Men, maybe they will update :rolleyes:
  2. Oh and I believe STAR has the OBSESSION HEXAGON
  3. FINALLY!!!! i'll go check it now.
  4. oh... me likey the Obsession Carre in black or tortoise. i've tried on the Conspiration GM before, not bad either. but still waiting for the Huntingtons.
  5. I like the black also but I have black Dior glasses so I was thinking GOLD and then if I got the Huntington's those come in only one color ;) so I would be set!
  6. I just saw the Huntington's on the site, they updated and I don't really like them now for some reason..

    I know you spent $1k for the Millionaires but I think $500.00 for sunglasses seems to be a lot of $$$$$
  7. Nice- those milionaire sunglasses have pretty nice markup on ebay- should've bought some!

  8. i've got to check them out now thanks :smile:

    after spending about AU$1800 for the Millionaires, any other pair seems cheaper or affordable now. and believe me, the Millionaires are worth every lint-laden cent i've paid :love: and i think $500 for LV sunnies is worth it as well. it's hand-made completely by LV. not by some manufacturer like Safilo that does Chanel, Dior and Gucci i believe.
  9. Yeah I know they are handmade, we shall see I guess, I like the FULLERTON frames now! uhhhh I need all 3