1. I don't know if any of you remember but a while ago a purse forum member posted a picture ofa new style of LV sunnies that are coming out. I've done a search but I just can't seem to find that thread :cursing:..I think that they were pictures from a catalogue. Can anybody recall these sunglasses or help me find those darn pics!! Thanks!
  2. I just received a catalog of sunglasses today....can you describe them?
  3. I believe they had one of the monogram flowers in a circle on the arm...I hope I just didn't make them up in my head *LOL*
  4. Right at the hinge? If so I think it's the Ursula GM in acetate. I'll try to scan a picture for you. It looks like they come in a brown/bronze, cream, pink, and a purple color.
  5. Sorry I think I'm totally imagining things. I'm looking at rensky's old post and they are the ones that luvs2shopalot said. If they are indeed the acetate ones. For some reason I thought I remember seeing sunglases that look like the Ode but the gold monogram flowers are in a circle. :borg: I think I need sleep.
  6. Yes exactly! on the hinge..they remind me of my Dior sunglasses which I love...and if LV makes similar ones they're mine..:biggrin:...Thanks Luvs
  7. These?

    The cost is $435..
    LV sunglasses.jpg
  8. Yes those are them! Thanks! My goodness your quick..sorry to harass you you happen to know the price??
  9. hahah I totally didn't see that you had posted the price too...nevermind..I should go to sleep or pay more attention!
  10. LOL...I edited the post to add it so it probably wasn't there when you first looked.

    Hubby is out of town...kiddos asleep...I got nothing else better going on that to hang out here and drool over bags :smile:
  11. Oooh those are cute! Right in time for summer, Nikki :graucho:

    I lovvvve my LV sunnies. I would buy more if I wanted to go broke. So I'm hoping they won't come out with new styles soon although I'm dying to see some...!
  12. i want those too!!!!
  13. Why aren't they on the website?..
  14. Are they out already? I have never seen them before. :confused1: And I like them. Them seem like they could be a part of the permanent collection?