1. have you purchased any new ones this year? or keeping ones from previous years? post pics of what you will be wearin this summer! i just got these marc jacobs...

  2. Those are really cute! I love gradient lenses! I purchased a pair of Chanel sunnies a couple of month ago so I'm going to be sportin' them this summer. I am looking for a cute pair of Aviators though!
  3. I just bought a pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs. They're very simple, just black lenses with black frames, rectangle shaped. They were pretty inexpensive, and I love them!!! I've been getting more and more obsessed with sunnies lately....more to come!!!
  4. LOL! Looks like Marc Jacobs is in this season. I just got my new sunnies this past march, and guess what? They're Marc by Marc Jacobs! I love them!! They're big, black and sturdy. I'm really happy with what I got at such a ridiculously low price! Just a few weeks ago I tried on a pair of Tom Ford's for almost 4x the price of my MbyMJ and I was scared to break them. They feel like they're made of cheap materials, IMO. No offense anyone, but they did.
  5. I have these in black I got when they first came out. I love the crystals :heart:. One actually fell out last summer, and so I took them to Chanel to see if they'd fix them, and they just gave me a brand new pair! :nuts:
    (Old pic)

    But I much more often wear my Fendi's - I love the round frame :love:
  6. Hee hee:p...I bet we have the same ones! :tup:I love 'em!!!:yahoo:

  7. i got some very cute DIOR's for the summer .. they are the bronzey-brown ones that say DIOR on the side! i :heart: them! definitely perfect summer sunglasses! .. i also like to rock my black chanels as well .. - ive had those for awhile tho! .. sorry no pics, yet!
  8. Is it this one
    by any chance? Those are the ones I got this summer. I actually think the style and color is kinda of ugly but they look fantastic on me. I would have never even considered to try them on if my friend didnt make me. :supacool: I still dont like them when they are not on though, but as soon as I put them on and look in the mirror, I remember why I bought them :heart:
  9. I got the Dior Glossy as a Christmas present last year and I can't stop wearing them. I have to say they are my faves of all time. Pretty sturdy too.
  10. i'm still wearing my chanels from last year, but i also bought a pair of marc by marc aviators for this year. love them, great value for the price!

  11. here are my new ones, but i'm thinking of getting the round..
    jc sunnies .jpg
  12. Hey pippop! Are we twins?? These are mine:
    MJ1.jpg MJ2.jpg
  13. I got Chanel Camellias and Marc Jacobs with purple frame. For driving I just bought polarized Oakleys in Behave and Disobey styles....the best polarized I've ever had.
  14. Here is My Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses I got last year! I love them. They are metal frame and purple. (My favorite color).


    Then here is my Gucci Sunglasses I got a couple of months ago. I am not a fan of orange, but I seriously love these ones!

  15. Love Love Love these! I've been eying them for a while online. I need to make time to visit Saks or Neimans and try them on. I love Marc Jacobs. I have a couple pair of his sunglasses.