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  1. Has anyone purchased any sunglasses?
  2. from LV? Not me, I've never even looked at them! I guess I need to!
  3. Yes, I've owned a few pair. They are nice.:biggrin:
  4. I think that they are nice as well, I have the millionaires in white and the Gina's in turquoise. Which ones do you own?
  5. I don't currently own any, but I have owned the Theda, the Gina's in Aubergine and Gold (I forget the name of the color), and the Desmayo in Aubergine. I've sold them all off. I'm currently wearing Dior.:biggrin:
  6. I like the glasses but chanels are very nice.
  7. I agree. But I wanted to try some of the LV ones. I don't care for the new collection. It's kind of boring. Not a lot of exciting colors like S/S 2005.
  8. The millionaires are really nice! I wanted a pair but didn't want to spend that much.:sad2:
    I love them on Vicky B!!!
  9. You love that Ms. Posh ! :lol:

    I've always wanted a pair of Millionaires, just because they look awesome, but also because of the little wooden coffin that they come in !
  10. You know it!!!:lol:
  11. Just purchased one recently. Loving my Roberto Cavalli Minotauro.
  12. I've never had any.. I prefer Dior and Chanel :/
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  13. I didn't get any, I'm still in love with my Chanels.
  14. I like the gucci, chanel,berberry, and dior sunglasses.
    I lose alot of sunglases in a year.
  15. I have the Lady Tiger and the Gina sunglasses. I love them both.