Sunglasses trend of '08?

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  1. Hey ladies have you heard any buzz about sunglasses trend for '08? The verdict seems to be all over the place with what I've seen from designers. :upsidedown:

    I'd like a new pair, but I'd like them to say 'new' since I think it's fun spending money on a trendy pair of sunglasses to update a regular spring/summer wardrobe. :graucho:
  2. I think it is whatever works for your face shape at this point. Plastic or metal...
  3. Maybe coloured lenses? I saw Madonna wearing rose-tinted ones on Perez. But overall I still think the big is better trend will stick around.
  4. cat eye! very round, large, chunky ones, and metal '70s retro look. i think.
  5. The giant sunnies that look a little alien-ish will be in, as seen at Balenciaga.

    And of course, the odd looking, quirky designs from Linda Farrow Vintage will be in.
  6. This is what I wanted to hear. I wasn't a fan of the aviator trend and wanted to go back to the larger sunnies :biggrin:
  7. i think the large sunnies never went! i can't pull off the aviator myself. i have very high cheek bones and look to boyish in them...
  8. i dont know anything about trends, only what looks good on you. I like rimless aviator glasses.

    for designer glasses for cheap try bluefly
  9. Not sure what the trends will be but I'm hoping that the sunglasses with GIANT logos will die... Okay, we get it, your sunglasses are Chanel...

    I actually own a pair of Chanel sunglasses with the huge logos and am going to sell them pronto!
  10. hahaha very.. cool.

    i personally love big plastic sunglasses.
  11. LOL ITA! I was happy when I found a pair of Chanels I loved without a logo in sight.
  12. That is why I love my latest Chanel glasses. The logos are really tiny. Unless you're up close and looking really hard, you won't see it. :yes:
  13. i think aviators will still be very popular this year.. i hope because im hoping to get a pair again this year after mine were stolen last year!!!