Sunglasses that slip down your nose

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  1. just wondering if anyone else has this problem - I have several pairs of sunnies Dior / Coach / Chanel and all of them seem to do this. They are all different styles and after a while I get a headache and frown lines bad from slipping them back up. Any suggestions you ladies have would be most welcomed.
  2. I have a pair of Dior sunglasses that do that.
  3. My Marc Jacobs are very slippery. My grandfather is an optometrist and he heated them up and somehow made them (the side pieces that wrap around your head/ears) more snug. Not sure if this would help you, but mine don't slip anymore. I am pretty sure you could take them to any eye doctor (Pearle Vision maybe? I know they have designer glasses) and have them tighten them up for you :smile:
  4. I just bought some Chanel aviator frames that do this- so needless to say they're probably going up on eBay this week.

    Nordstroms has the same thing as what preppy_in_pink is talking about. They heated up a pair of my chanel sunglasses before and that seemed to have solved the problem.

    :smile: good luck!
  5. all my sunglasses do it.. i guess i have a really small nose :lol:
  6. same here, all my dior, gucci and chanel sunglasses always slip down. so annoying.
  7. Thank you ladies - I guess I have a small nose or something and agree totally its annoying when your out and about. I will look into the heating etc - I just heard today about something called "Wedgee's" that you attach to the end parts of the arms of your glasses - cheap enough at only $3 a pair and made out of neoprene - just not sure how they would look. Again thank you to everyone - I just don't know how glasses that seem to fit really well when I buy them after a week or so of wearing then begin that ever so slow slide down my nose. I am sure the few people that posted will know what I am talking about - after a while the hand reaction to slip them back up is automatic
  8. if they are plastic frames add a nose piece and if they do already they are properly not adjusted right for u, go back to an optical store and get an optomitrist adjust to fit u, eyeglasses and sunglasses are supposed to put on u so that you don't have to push them up.
  9. I also have this problem! Every now and then, I will luck out and find a pair that fit perfectly, but this is after searching and trying on many. I just bought a pair of Chanels that I love, but they won't stay on. I'm going to see if I can get them warmed. Thanks!
  10. You should be happy you have a small nose. ^_~

    My Louis Vuittons do that, but I think it's because they're heavy. I don't mind though, as They look so odd when they're too high on the nose bridge.
  11. All mine do this too.:cursing:
  12. I had Fendis and Pradas that slid but now I'm a Marc Jacobs convert -- they're the only sunnies I've had that don't loose their shape and don't slip. I think it has more to do with the ear piece than the nose piece, though.
  13. Go to any optomertrist (sp?) they'll adjust them so the fit snugly for free :biggrin:
  14. Yep me too!
  15. rayban wayfarers are so heavy and slip down my nose after 2 seconds. really annoying. i have no idea how the kate moss & co. look so comfortable wearing them. haha everything looks easier on celebrities. :rolleyes: